Aliens Free Play Slot

There’s a lot of great game developers out there in the Online Casino market and perhaps none more so than the titan that is NetEnt gaming. There’s a few reasons why this company in particular have become so popular with players ranging from their fantastic graphics all the way to the themes of the games they make. If we’re quite honest though we’d have to admit they do have a pretty big advantage over a lot of their competitors which is shown by this next game of theirs - the Aliens Online Slot!
The big advantage is that they’ve partnered up with Universal Studios which gives them the rights to turn some of the biggest blockbusters in movie history into their very own Online Slot like with Aliens! We’re sure there are very few people out there who need an introduction to this cult movie franchise and this game has been designed to bring that world into the world of Online Casinos!
The first thing you’ll be impressed with off the bat with this game is going to be the graphics and animation used throughout. The graphics here aren’t just sensational but they also include very lifelike and picture perfect images from the movie of things such as the Alien itself. The reels of this game are also filled with things from the movie like the Alien herself, her eggs, the various weapons used to combat her, and much more.
Not only that but the sounds you’re gonna hear in this game come from the movie too which makes the game far more incredible as it’s really allowed NetEnt to capture the atmosphere and suspense that made these movies so great. While the looks of a game are never going to be the be all and end all they are definitely able to add an extra dimension of fun and excitement to the game that others simply can’t replicate.
When it actually comes to what’s going on in the game itself the quality doesn’t slow down one bit. Aliens is a 5-reel slot which is pretty common nowadays however the 15 paylines they offer is a little on the low side. And while that does mean the wins come a little less frequently when you do actually make a winning payline the overall amount will be for much more so it’s a pretty good tradeoff we’d say.
While you do have to play all 15 lines each time you spin here you can start for as little as only 1p a line which means you won’t have to be spinning for crazy amounts if you don’t feel like it. That said though if you did want to you could be spinning for as high as £150 a time which is about as high as you’re ever gonna find a game offer so the Aliens Online Slot really will appeal to all types of player.
What really propels the Aliens Online Slot from that group of good slots into that band of truly great slots has to thanks to the fantastic bonus features NetEnt have added. This bonus round is unlike most others in that they’ve added some of the movies storyline to the game to create an interactive bonus round where you have to fight the Alien herself. There’s 3 different levels to this bonus round and the further you get into the levels the more you’re gonna make!
The first of the three levels is called “The search” and this is part of the base game - there’s no scatter symbols or anything that need to be spun out here to get onto it. In the search your objective is simply to scan the reels for Alien activity. You’ll have an Alien activity meter along the top of the reels and every time you spot an alien the meter’s gonna go up. Once you’ve seen enough Aliens and the meter has been filled up completely it will then be time to go to level 2: The Encounter!
In The Encounter you need to fight through waves of Aliens as you make your way to the Queen’s Hive. You come out all guns ablazing blasting your way through this mission and as the reels spin there will be ammo you need to collect. Run out of ammo at any point and the round will end however if you make it all the way to the end with some left over still you’ll be able to move onto the game’s final level and with a chance to take down a major jackpot!
The final level is The Hive and here the objective is rather simple - destroy the Queen and her hive before they destroy you! Fortunately you’ll be equipped with more than just a gun this time as there’s grenades for you to use in this fight too! You don’t have to complete this round to win a big prize however the more damaged the Queen and the hive is by the end the more you’ll win!
The top end jackpot for the Aliens Online Slot comes in at 57,000 coins so if you play the game at it’s maximum coin value that means you’ll be in with a chance at winning £57,000!
Overall then we’d have to admit we’re completely sold by NetEnt’s Aliens Online Slot. The graphics and animation are out of this world and the atmosphere they’ve built for the game is incredible. Not only that but as well as having some top end jackpots to be won at a variety of stakes they also have one of the best bonus features out there too which plays out quite similar to an arcade style game! So whether or not you were a fan of the Aliens movies, if you’re a slot player we’re sure you’ll love the Aliens Online Slot!