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Since the dawn of the 21st century there’s been a huge shift in the way that most players now enjoy their gambling. While the live casino’s once reigned supreme as technology has improved more and more players have taken advantage of the luxuries that Online Casinos can offer them and made the switch to play there instead. While the first Online Casinos did appear as early as the 90’s it wasn’t till a few years later when graphics and internet speed improved that they really took over and allowed players to make use of their many advantages.
An Online Casino is just like a regular live casino except that all the games you’re used to playing is now done through you PC or laptop. This by no means reduces the fun or excitement though and most would agree that it actually increases the excitement thanks to all the unique features it adds such as the larger prizes that can be won!
However the biggest advantage we’d have to mention first about Online Casinos is the flexibility that they offer players. While Live Casinos can be fun there are two main problems with them that Online Casinos don’t have which is an instant bonus for the player. The first is that there’s no travel time involved to get to an Online Casino! While you may need to travel sometimes up to an hour to get to your local casino with an Online Casino you can play instantly from the comfort of your own home! We all have busy lives and our time is valuable so these huge savings in time only serve to benefit you!
The second major benefit to playing on an Online Casino is the variety in choice available to players. While most players are tied to the closest live casino to them this isn’t the case for Online Casinos and they can play on any UK Online Casino they wish with no added travel time. This in general is a great thing as it means not only is there more choice for players but each of the Online Casinos you can choose from need to be more competitive in order to attract players to their casino.
This competition is really what has made Online Casinos thrive as it has meant that casinos need to offer more and more benefits to players in order to win their favour. This has caused there to be some incredibly large bonuses handed out to players which is essentially free money just for choosing them! Bonuses from Online Casinos can reach up to £1000 or more as soon as you sign up which is completely unheard of in the live casino industry which is yet another reason for the success of Online Casinos.
It’s not just sign up bonuses that you’re rewarded with either when it comes to Online Casinos as they have a constant stream of running promotions throughout each week too. This means that not only are you saving time and effort by choosing an Online Casino, but you’re also getting a lot of extra value too as you play!
Another key benefit of choosing an Online Casino as your place to play is the variety of game that’s on offer. Because everything is virtual there’s no space restrictions when it comes to the number of games you can fit in an Online Casino. This means that you’ll find many sites that have hundreds of games to choose from which makes finding the perfect game for you much more likely.
Furthermore games are able to be a lot more creative online by adding special feature rounds and implementing cool and exciting ideas into their games. This has made the games far more exciting and varied than ever before which keeps players interested and having fun for much longer than they otherwise would have.
The final benefit as far as games are concerned is that being online allows casinos the freedom to offer games they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Since space is limited in a live casino certain games such as craps will often have to be left out as they simply can’t afford the luxury however there are plenty of Online Casinos that can offer all these games at no extra hassle meaning that players will never miss out on their favourite games.
The final and arguably best reason to choose an Online Casino for many players though would have to be the prizes that can be won. Not only do these prizes outmatch their live counterparts by a huge margin, but they are also some of the largest prizes that can be won anywhere in the world. Nowadays it’s quite common to hear the story of a player winning millions of pounds from just a 25p spin and this has all been made possible thanks to Online Casinos.
The larger player pools that these casinos attract make the larger prizes possible and as time passes these prizes are only getting bigger and bigger. The current record for the largest prize taken down is just shy of 17 million pounds which was won by one lucky Scandanavian on the Mega Fortune Jackpot slot and it only cost them 25p to do so!
So if big prizes are what you’re looking for from a casino then Online Casinos are definitely the place to be. Overall though there are just so many benefits to playing at an Online Casino that it really has become a no brainer decision for most people. The amount of time you can save in travelling is a huge benefit on it’s own and when you add in the fact that there’s so many different casinos to choose from each offering great bonuses it just makes it all the more better! So if you’re a fan of excitement and big wins then we’re sure you’ll absolutely love Online Casinos!