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Unibet Online Casino: £200 Cash Welcome Bonus 

Unibet Online Casino is a highly popular Online Casino that’s offered to UK residents and players around the world today. While it was once a highly focused sports betting website, it not offers much more than that. Any players that are looking for a good all-around gambling option will probably enjoy what the casino has to offer. While it doesn’t specialize in any one thing, it does offer quality gameplay in a variety of different areas. 

When you play at Unibet you’ll have more than 600 different casino games to pick from. That includes live dealer, slot machines and table games. On top of that there’s a bingo section with a variety of different bingo game types to pick from and bingo tournaments that you can play in. If you’re a fan of online poker you can join in poker tournaments or hop into a cash game to get some play time in. There aren’t ah uge number of different game types to choose from and you pretty much just have Texas Hold’em and Omaha. There also isn’t a large number of variations when it comes to buy-in levels. Finally there is sports betting. When you bet with Unibet you’ll be able to place bets on most sporting events. There are event betting options that let you bet on live matches as they are going to make the experience even more interactive. 

If you decide that you want to play at Unibet you’ll have to create an account and make your first deposit. New players get access to a quality 100% deposit bonus of up to €100. Make that initial deposit and you will get it matched up to €100 as long as you bet the required amount of money. As soon as you do it will be credited to your account. Most of the common deposit methods are available at Unibet. All the standard credit cards, Visa debit cards and a range of E-wallet services can all be used to get money into your account. 

An excellent level of customer service is provided to players with email, call and live chat support available to players. It’s simple to call in and ask a quick question or to email it over and get your answer in a few hours. The website is also simple to navigate and easy to join. Unibet offers a simple customer experience and is very forgiving as a first option for new online gamblers. There’s even mobile support available, allowing you to enjoy most of what the casino has to offer on your smartphone or tablet. Each of the different site sections comes along with its own app and the apps work with iOS or Android tablets or smartphones. There are limitations to different apps and it’s impo0rtatn that you look over what apps are available for your device before you decide to try out the casino, but for the most part you should be able to play with your mobile device. 

Unibet is a fun option to play for most players around the world. It’s simple to use, supports most payment methods and offers just about everything that you could want from a casino in terms of entertainment. Try it out and you’ll see just what it has going for it.