Offers Casino: Blackjack


Offers Casino : Blackjack 

Blackjack also known as twenty one rules are pretty simple in order to win your cards must be higher than the dealers without bean over the score of twenty one. The cards are scored as they are numbered 1 to 9. You then have your picture cards king Queen Jack which are scored as a 10. There is then ace which can count for a 1 ore 11 so if you have king ace that totals up to twenty one (Blackjack). The dealer will deal clockwise round the table offering you another card after your 1st two have bean dealt and its up to you to get as close to 21 as you dare. At this point you can only see 1 of the dealers cards giving you an idea of what they may have. There is usually between 52 and 416 cards that the dealer will shuffle and split before dealing to you and the other player usually around 2 to 6 players. the odds are 2 to 1 unless you hit 21 (Blackjack) on your 1st 2 cards which pays you  3 to 2. If the 1st two cards have the same number value you may split the cards in to two hands but you must put the same bet down on the 2nd split card as you originally had on the bet to start with  However, you may double down on each hand. If the split pair are Aces, you will get given only one card on each hand. there will not be doubling down on split aces. After you get your initial two cards, you may make an extra wager up to the first sum, with the exception of when your initial two cards total up to 21. At the point when doubling down, you get dealt only one extra card. On the off chance that the Dealer gets Blackjack after you've doubled down, just the initial bet is gathered.