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NetEnt is a well-rounded casino software supplier with mobile, desktop and Live Casino games. The business offers everything that an Online Casino would need to keep players coming back for more and even provides a solid administrative software package for tracking real-time data, offering adjustable bonuses to new players, providing pooled jackpots and setting up custom tournaments for more player involvement and excitement. 

Desktop Games

Nearly 200 quality desktop games are offered by NetEnt. Players who enjoy a full-screen gaming experience will get a lot from Online Casinos that use NetEnt software. 

Touch Mobile

Players can enjoy the games they like while on the move with these touch-supported games offered by NetEnt. The company makes a wide selection of touchscreen games that are designed for simplicity, but also offer some pretty nice features. The company even managed to receive the Mobile Supplier of the Year award at the EGR Awards in 2013.

Pooled Jackpots

There's nothing that entices players to join in on the fun at a casino more than massive jackpots. Players that see jackpot amounts of hundreds of thousands of pounds will be more likely to join up with a casino than if they see smaller amounts. That's the major benefit of the pooled jackpots system that NetEnt offers to casinos. By sharing the jackpot amongst many different casinos, the amount can be raised up dramatically and more players will be enticed to get in on the action. 

Back End System

NetEnt offers a powerful Back End system for Online Casino providers so that they can easily manage the games, the accounts, and see valuable data about what's going on, all in real-time.  The NetEnt Back End system excels at allowing providers to create bonuses for new and existing players. It's always involving and improving to help with managing bonuses so that they are as attractive as possible. 

The system also has support for completely customised tournaments. This makes it easy for Online Casinos to come up with a more customised and exciting experience for players. By changing up tournament styles, or tournament values, casinos can offer something new to their customers with the powerful Back End software included with NetEnt games. 

Live Casinos

These days Live Casino experiences are becoming more and more popular. Players want the thrill of playing at a real casino without the work or investment of actually making the trip. That's where NetEnt's Live Casino comes in handy. It puts players face to face with real dealers, and allows them to feel like they are right in the Casino. 

A Selection of Branded Games

NetEnt offers a solid selection of branded games like South Park video slot, Scarface video slot and the Create from the Black Lagoon to keep fans interested in the games. These tend to draw in customers and serve as advertising tools.