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Well the start of the new year has come and gone and now that we’re in the midst of 2016 it’s time to sit down and consider what new gaming options the new year has to offer us. There are bound to be plenty of quality casino options released this year, but will they be enough to compete with the already stellar offerings in the UK marketplace already? 

Current Popular Casino Options

Any casino that comes out is going to have to offer something truly special to stand out within the booming casino market that already offers so many excellent options to pick from. The list below offers excellent table games, top-notch slots, leading mobile performance and most of the Bingo and poker variations that you can expect on the Internet. Each is known for excelling and for drawing in huge numbers of players from around the world. Glance through the options and you’ll see some that excel at table games, others that are leaders in poker or bingo, and many that offer top-notch slot machine gameplay. 

Stand Out Bonuses

One of the best ways that new casinos have to differentiate themselves from the older and more established offerings is with bonuses. Many of the latest casinos rely on top-level bonuses to bring in new business. Customers see these bonuses that the established casinos aren’t able to compete with and they go for one of the new options. As long as you take the time to ensure that an option is high quality you can find some of the very best bonus options by going and checking out a new casino instead of going with one of the more well-known options. 

Top bonuses that you can expect at one of these casinos is a 100% or even 150% or 200% match bonus on the initial deposit, and additional bonuses for subsequent deposits as well. Not only that but it’s likely that many of the latest offerings will provide free spins to new players too. This makes it simple to try out the different slot machines without risking any money in the process. Keep an eye on casinos that offer multiple bonuses, because they can end up being the better option, even if another casino offers a single welcome bonus that seems more impressive at first glance. 

Stunning 3D Graphics

While many of the well-established casinos content themselves by offering most of the standard modern and classic slot machine options, some of the newer casinos offer edgier and more graphically impressive games. Games that offer 3D graphics and very vibrant pictures can be found when playing online at some 2016 casinos. You’ll need a more capable computer to play at one of these high-graphics casinos, but for the right player they can be more exciting and enjoyable overall, than the basic slots and arcade games at well-established casinos are. 

New Doesn’t Mean Unreliable

Many players are afraid to try out new casinos because they believe the casinos won’t be reliable or that they don’t have much experience behind them. The beauty of online casinos is that the best ones rely on well-established software to run their games. That means as long as you pick out a onlinecasino that relies on well-known and proven game software, and it has the proper license, you have nothing to worry about when playing there. The software is designed to offer a smooth experience and it doesn’t matter if the casino’s been running for a week or for five years. 

Is Jumping to a New Online Casino Worthwhile?

If you’re already at an established casino and you’re comfortable there, you might be asking the question, should I move to a new casino for the bonuses? The answer to that question really depends on how much you value bonuses and whether you’ll use it to its full potential or not. Think about the bonus offer that you got from your current casino when you joined up. Did you maximize the bonus and were you able to cash it out without a problem? If you believe that you’ll be able to maximize the bonus offered by that shiny new casino you might want to consider joining up. If you believe that you’ll only make small use of the bonus with a minimal deposit, and that you aren’t sure you’ll like the new option as much as the one you like currently, you might be better off sticking with what you’re currently using. It comes down to you and how happy you’ll be at the new casino, but the new options do offer real potential to bring in extra prize money through well-utilized bonuses, so it’s worth some consideration for any gambler. 

Should New Gamblers Go with an Established Offering or a New Online Casino?

As a brand-new gambler you have a variety of options available to you. The beauty of online gambling is that even the new options are likely to be quite reliable. Unless you’ll be joining a poker site that relies very heavily on a massive community to be fun, you should strongly consider trying out a new casino over one of the more well-established options. You’ll probably get a better deposit bonus by doing so and you might even gain access to some cool new features that aren’t offered by one of the older casinos.  

The new year should offer some exciting new gambling options to online players, but only time will tell if there are significant deposit bonuses available worth getting excited over, or if there will be new games good enough to justify leaving a familiar casino for a new option. Either way you should keep your eye on new casino offerings and try out any that really interest you. New casinos offer a lot of potential, and they aren’t quite as unreliable and people would have you believe. As the year progresses more options will become available, and there are bound to be at least a few exceptional deals worth joining up for. 

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