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PayPal is one of the most popular e-wallet services in the United States and is used to send money all over the country from person to person and organisation to organisation. The service is used readily in the UK, Canada and other parts of the world to deposit and withdraw money from Online Casino accounts. 

Obtaining a PayPal account is a simple process that most people can complete in just a day or two. The only real requirement for getting a PayPal account is having a bank account to link it to. With a bank account linked up to PayPal it's simple to deposit money into the account or pull money out of it. Account holders can make more online purchases using PayPal and join more Casinos without even holding funds in the account. Unlike some other e-wallet options, PayPal allows users to make purchases by pulling money straight from funding sources like bank accounts and debit cards, rather than taking the time to transfer money over to the account first. 

PayPal accounts are an accepted deposit and withdrawal method at many Online Casinos around the world. Once you sign up for an account you can get started at these Online Casinos with ease. You simply select PayPal as your deposit method and you enter in your account information to complete the transaction. It's as easy as signing into your account and pressing a button to accept the charge, and that's how all your PayPal transactions will go. 

When you finally rack up enough winnings and you want to pull them out of your account you can do that just as easily. Simply go to the payment section of your account and initiate a withdrawal with PayPal as the withdrawal method. In several hours to a few days your money will come out into the PayPal account where you can use it in several ways. The account can be used to make purchases, or the money can be sent back out to your registered bank account for use there. 

PayPal also offers a MasterCard to some users depending on the country they reside in, making it very easy to spend winnings after they are withdrawn back into the account. 

While PayPal certainly isn't the only payment method used for Online Casinos, it is a popular one and works flawlessly for most purposes. If you are getting started at an Online Casino soon, consider using PayPal to deposit money and to withdraw it, you'll save time over more traditional methods.