Offers Casino: 888 Online Casino Review

Offers Casino: 888 Online Casino 

About the Casino:

888 Online Casino is a highly popular online Casino that’s offered in over 176 different countries around the world. It began in 1997 and has been offering cool gaming options ever since. It’s one of the few Online Casinos approved for New Jersey players to use and one of the only Online Casinos that can be played legally by players from the United States of America. 

What it Offers for Fun:

888 Online Casino offers a variety of table games and slots to players to keep them busy and give them just what they want. Games like Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker and Keno are all available to play. A selection of cutting edge 3D video slots are also available in a wide variety for players that like to try out many different games. 

Payout Percentage:

You can judge casinos to be fair or unfair based on their payout percentages. A casino with a low payout percentage is taking a large amount of player money and keeping it. Online Casinos with a higher percentage is only keeping a small portion of that player money. 888 Casino has some very healthy percentages. Video poker pays out at 98.25%, Blackjack pays out at 99.52% with perfect strategy and European roulette pays out 97.30%. Even typically lower payout games like Keno pays out 92.75% at Casino888. 

Customer Service:

888 Online Casino makes a support team readily available to all its players through several means. Players can call them up, email the company or go through online chat to get the help needed. Customer support is available 24/7 and it’s easy to get help right when it’s needed creating a positive experience for all the 888 Casino players. 

Play Money Games:

888 Online Casino does not offer play money games like some of the online casinos around the Internet. Players are encouraged to give unfamiliar games a try using a low limit option before moving up to the higher dollar bets. This gives players a chance to learn what they are doing before risking much money. 

Live Dealers

888 Online Casino does not have live dealers and all the games are based off of RNG’s (random number generators). 


888 Online Casino is regulated by the state of New Jersey in the USA. It’s approved by the state to offer online gambling within the state, making it one of the few legal online gambling options in the United States. The casino is held to strict standards and should offer a positive gaming experience for everyone that tries it out. 

Mobile Support

888 Online Casino comes with healthy mobile support and works on both Android and iOS devices. The casino comes with apps for either one, and many of the games can also be played right in the web browser of some devices. The apps run through WiFi but also work through 3G and 4G connections that are strong enough. Players looking for a way to game on the go can pick up one of these apps and enjoy all the benefits of using them.