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SBTech has been one of the leading sports betting software providers since 2007 when the company first began offering it's suite of products. The provider offers mobile and desktop solutions for players and even offers live-betting solutions and pre-match products for more diversity and excitement. 

Lightning Quick Bet Settlements

Nothing keeps customers coming back for more like fast bet settlements. When a player bets on the leading MMA match and gets a payout right after the match is finished they know they're dealing with a quality product. All the people working at the trading desk help ensure that bets are settled quickly and effectively each and every time. 

Real-Time Betting

While it's fun to bet on the overall outcome of a sporting event, that doesn't leave too much to do throughout the match other than watching what's going on. It is much more enjoyable to bet on the plays and actions of the players throughout a game, and that's possible with software from SBTech. Live betting on specific players is offered for sports like Soccer, and it's possible to bet on goal shots, corner kicks, free kicks and much more throughout a match, making the experience more immersive than many other suppliers can. 

Not only will real-time betting get players excited, but it will generate more revenue for your company as well. Players won't just bet at the beginning of a match, they'll place bets throughout it as well offering you more opportunities to earn. 

Mobile Betting

No longer do players have to sit in front of a computer screen to place bets. SBTech offers a mobile app for sports betting that can be personalised for your casino. Players can make bets on tablets or smartphones while sitting comfortably in front of the television watching the game. They could even place bets while out at a local sports bar with friends. 

Casino Games

If Casinos want to offer more than just sports betting to their players they can do so without relying on additional providers besides SBTech. The company offers a collection of standard casino slots, table games and a variety of other options to keep players engaged in-between heated sporting events. SBTech works with other providers like Evolution Gaming, SoftBet, Microgaming, Kiron and Play'n Go to offer a more comprehensive and customisable package for casino owners. 

SBTech is a solid all-around Casino software offering for Casinos that want to focus on sports betting but still provide added games and services for players.