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Skrill is a UK based "e-wallet" company that is commonly used for making deposits and withdrawals at Online Casinos. The service is one of the most widely accepted payment methods and it makes it quick and easy to get started at a Casino. It's an Online payment solution that's meant to send and receive money with. The service is designed to isolate your bank account and protect it while conducting transactions online, which is a nice benefit when dealing with online casinos. 

Starting with Skrill is a simple process and the only things you really need are an email and a bank account. When you have both of these you can sign up for a free account and register so that you can fund your Skrill account or take money out of it to your bank. It's a simple process and can be completed in under an hour. 

After you have your account set up you can use it to deposit money into your Casino account. Simply sign up for the account and during the signup process provide the email address you used to sign up for Skrill and the amount of money that you would like to deposit. The amount you chose will come out of your bank account and go into your Casino account so that you can play. It's simple and the whole process is usually completed in less than a day. 

Once you have some winnings that you want to pull out of your account Skrill is an ideal solution to get it. You simply tell the Casino how much money you want to withdraw and it is moved from your account into Skrill. Once there you can use Skrill to make purchases, or you can move the money out of your account to your bank account for use there. Skrill is a highly flexible utility and it is simple to work with. There are some fees charged for withdrawing money to Skrill in most occasions, but the fees are minimal and allow you to access your winnings quickly and conveniently. If you plan on playing at an Online Casino it makes sense to apply for a Skrill account before you get started.