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Visa cards were originally started by Bank of America and now they are accepted widely around the world. They were the first form of national charge cards ever given out in the United States, and were arguably the most successful of the bunch. They have just as much support as MasterCard does today and a card is a reliable way to get funds to and from your Casino account if you are starting up a new account or adding funds to an existing one. 

Visa cards come as credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards today. Each option is suitable for use at a casino, but the prepaid cards are the most secure since only a small amount of your money is exposed to the Casino. Each of the cards is used in the same way. The identification or account number on the card along with the security code on the back is used to initiate electronic transactions for whatever the user wishes to buy. 

It's very common for players to deposit funds into casinos with a Visa card, and these cards are one of the most widely accepted deposit methods that there is. The same cannot be said for making withdrawals out of a casino. While it is possible to take your winnings from some casinos using your Visa card, many others will require a different method such as Skrill or Neteller to get the money back out of the account. This is something that you have to be aware of when using Visa cards. 

While players from the United States have a hard time using e-wallet services like PayPal to participate in Online Casinos, it's entirely possible to use a Visa card to do so. It's only a matter of locating one of the many Online Casinos that accepts US players and then making a deposit with a Visa card. 

If you are interested in playing at online casinos you don't have to sign up for Skrill, Neteller or any of the other e-Wallet services as long as you have a Visa card. You can simply use your card to fund your account and get started. It's simple to do and means that you don't need any additional accounts which is always nice. If you don't already have a Visa card, but would like to rely on a card to fund your account you can acquire one by signing up for a bank account at an establishment that offers the cards or by paying for a prepaid card to use instead.